Thursday, May 24, 2007

Farewell to the Palace

According to The Age online this afternoon, St Kilda live music venue the Palace has thrown in the towel. The 'entertainment complex' will close next month, having lost the battle with developers for whom its site is a juicy piece of beachfront real estate.

I can't say I'm grief-stricken - I'd be far more upset if the POW was to close - but that said I'll be sorry to see the Palace go. I've had some fun times there, from cavorting on stage half-naked and covered in fluro paint with The Ergot Derivative, to memorable gigs from the likes of:



and even

Farewell, Palace. I shan't miss your sweat-box conditions and crowds, but I shall miss the opportunity for new memories.


mskp said...

i've seen but one show at the palace - ryan adams.

*drifts away*

*regains composure*

rubbish venue though.

however, i do sympathise with the cultural significance argument. i remember seizing up at the closure of festival hall in brisbane [which is where i saw nirvana supporting the violent femmes - one of my better boasts] and thinking they should heritage list places other than railway stations and terrace houses. just imagine how many incredible sites have already been torn down. or in joh's queensland, hit with a wrecking ball in the middle of the night?


now, shall we talk more about ryan adams?

richardwatts said...

No. No, we shall not. *walks away with hands in pockets whistling nonchalantly*

Casey Bennetto said...

Two that spring readily to mind:

(1) Spiderbait on a cold winter's night about, ooh, ten years ago or so, in the wake of the success of "Ivy And The Big Apples". Very steamy inside. Great propulsive gig; their tradition of not doing encores meant that the second half of the set was wall-to-wall 'Bait-killer-no-filler. A friend and I were looking to escape the mosh but would have to say "just one more" as the band lit into another favourite. A good sweaty ol' time.

And I remember seeing someone emerge bedraggled from the mosh at set's close, bleeding heavily - HEAVILY - from one eye socket. Ouch, dude. Ouch. Where are you now?

(2) The Flaming Lips, in, um, when was that, anyone? 2002? 2003? with the huge balloons and bunny suits and "DON'T SNORT YOUR OWN BRAIN" advisory films and so on. Fun show, nice gig, now Wayne, shut up and play some music will you? Not quite enough from "Transmissions" and "Clouds"; too much from "Yoshimi". Or was that just me?

Bye, Palace. You've been... there.

Casey Bennetto said...

By the way, Mr. Watts, your header says "Farewell to the Prince". Not yet, dammit, not yet!

Casey Bennetto said...

Oh! I forgot!

(3) Back in March 1997, They Might Be Giants at the Palace with conga-lines, puppets and so on. Most enjoyable.

richardwatts said...

Hi Casey, nice of you to drop by. Sadly I missed The Flaming Lips at the Palace, but I did see them that same year at the BDO. Bliss. Watching them felt like tripping, even tho I wasn't. Thanks for pointing out the header error, btw, I've rectified it now. :-)

mskp said...